Investing in our future generation!

Grant for scholarships for attendees of the ESCAP Congress 2019

The Austrian Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has asked a number of gracious people, whether they would be interested in helping young researchers and clinicians in-training for child and adolescent psychiatry from certain European countries. 
They kindly offered to help with sponsoring these colleagues so that they can attend the ESCAP-Congress Vienna 2019.

The awardees have been reimbursed with 500€/1000€ (including registration fees) each.


Scholarship winners

Thanks to our Sponsors we can announce 16 instead of 10 scholarship winners.
All scholars have been notified by mail.

Asilay Seker,                                 Aylin Deniz Uzun,                               
Betül Abkas,                                 Burak Acikel,
Evangelia Chrysikou,                 Elvan Basak Usta Gündüz,
Ezgi Öztürkm,                              Elona Dashi,
Fanni Bognar,                              Kis Tibor, 
Iljana Kraguljac,                          Ina Ülen,         
Matija Klasinc,                             Mihai Saftencu,   
Neringa Cenaite,                         Roxana Sav.         

Scholarship sponsors